Best guitar amplifiers Reviews of 2019

What would an electric guitar without an amplifier? It wouldn't be the iconic rock and roll instrument it is today. Guitarists are incredibly passionate about their tone, and the biggest component is the guitar amp.


Best Value
VOX AC30C2 Guitar Combo Amplifier

VOX AC30C2 Guitar Combo Amplifier

Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII - 50-watt 2x12" Combo Amp - Black

Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII

There are two types of amps – Tube vs. Solid State. The first electric guitar amplifiers built with tubes were very similiar to the kind you would put into a TV back in the day. The tubes are still the most desired component in a guitar amp because of its warm tone, soft dynamic, and the “break. When pushed, the power amplifier tubes produce distortion that a lot of blues and rock players desire.

In the 60’s, the years when solid state was born, it was believed to be the next big thing. Circuit board technology uses solid state to produce this sound. Solid State was not as successful, and the tubes reigned supreme. The solid-state technology does not have the tone, feel, and the dynamics of tubes, which explains why most musicians still use tube amplifiers today.

Mark 3 is latest model in Rocker verb family and it's really pretty amazing amp because it gives both a British classic rock sound and a great modern and heavy metal thing. Surprisingly has great clean sound which you rarely get like a rich chaime clean and a heavy modern metal sound in the same amount.

Improved Reverb
Tube driven springy reverb
Beautifully versatile
Buffered-driven effect loops
Pedal frienly

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