7 Best Delay Pedal Reviews-Buyer Guide 2019

That is most useful musical instrument for play back sound setting on time while performance or making tracks. Delay and Eco is an effect that occurs in nature it's what you hear in a very large space like a stadium or a cave when sound seems to repeat after bouncing off  a surface. 

In the early days of recording this sound was made with tape recorders and is very recognizable in rockabilly music. Then cam analog  delays and now it's almost done digitally. 

It's basically made by recording and then repeatedly playing back a sound.  Modern digital delays are pretty sophisticated like  Boss DD-7 .It's Stereo deal with two inputs, two outputs and four knobs.


Best Value
MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

MXR M169

  • Up to 600 milliseconds of delay time
  • Rich, all-analog delay
  • Modulation controls emulate tape echo tones
  • 9-volt power supply
Also Consider
Behringer Delay Effects Pedal

Behringer VD400

  • Produce up to 300 ms of delay
  • True analog delay
  • Noise reduction circuit
  • Runs on 9 V battery

Are you in the market for Delay Pedal? Are you confused all the one hundred options? If you are, stick around I have got some thought and consideration for you to help you to make sure you get guitar delay pedal which rights for you.

Best Delay Pedal Guitar
Different Guitar Delay Pedal

There are a ton of options, how we find a right and best one. Here we are going to discuss some main point you should consider before you final.

What is your Budget ?

1st consideration is to figure out what is your budget? This will help you to narrow down the field delay pedal to look at. You can find guitar delay pedal from 25$ to 1000$ that’s a big rang.

Budget will help quick decision. Once you finalize your budget you can check delays in that price see if additional features, quality and other factors you are looking meet your requirement or not.

Maximum Delay Time

It is important consideration maximum delay time of pedal. The most pedals will do very short delay.

Mono or Stereo

If you have stander guitar reggae with one amp just mono output with that amp than you probably good any mono or stereo paddle. If you run stereo rugge or if you have 2 amp or if you have amp modeling unit through full range speakers the answer can be a lot tricky.


Johnny DeMarco talks about delay pedals  youtube.com/watch?v=9LWRgA597O4

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