Best Hammered Dulcimer

The Hammered Dulcimer too must old traditional musical instruments that mostly used in Arabic Asians countries. It’s also knows as Santoor, now a days mostly use Jammu and Kashmir side as traditional musical instrument. As per some researcher the hammered Dulcimer discover around 1600-911 BC and impossible to find the origin due to so old instrument. That is most fascinating music producer and provides different tone or voice in music world.

All over the world a lot of music instruments use that similar to santoor but it’s not in real shape. The real or genuine based Dulcimer/santoor had trapezoidal form and case body. Made with veneer or plywood, and Asian origin more rectangular shape. More over in this instrument Wooden ties are made out sound board shape where a lot of strings placed out that are made with metal and strained across the outward of body case.

In this instrument proper forming groups of strings, produce the sound types or style that thing depending on the instrument model. All string proper connect or jointed with case body on left side of the Santoor so you can easily play with help of pins or nails. The well strained strings produce tuning sound if touch tune pins, that comes with instrument or found at right corner.

So, if you love to play trinational music then you must like hammered dulcimer, here we provide you great help to choose best one as per quality, price range and features. In below provides you top models of hammered dulcimer/santoor with each model description. All models selected after physical testing, experts opinion and user feedback.      

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