7 Best pedalboards for guitarists Reviews-Buyer Guide 2019

If you are a guitar lover and have different guitar effect pedals than it is necessary for you to buy a pedalboard & cases to suit you & your needs.

When you are considering getting a new pedal board case, it is important to have a clear idea of what you need before you make a decision. By determining what you need in a pedal board case, you can then make the right decision for yourself which will benefit you in the long run.

Best Value
Mr.Power Pedalboard With Bag

 It's Came with everything you needed to setup your pedal board with carry bag and zip ties and Velcro.

Mr.Power Pedalboard With Bag

Holeyboard Dragonfly 2.0 Pedalboard

 Design your  board as per your dream. Adjustble to 10 configurations and sizes . No Hook & Loop, Adhesive & Damage Free

Vangoa - Guitar Pedal Board

Pedal Board Case Buying Tips

In order to determine your needs and requirements you should take the following points into consideration:

How many pedals do you have?

do you have lots of pedals in your set up or do you use just a small number of pedals? The more pedals you have will determine the size of the case that you will require to fit them all

Do you plan to expand your Pedal board?

If you are just building up your pedal board or you oftn invest in new pedals, then you should look for a case that has the capacity to hold more pedals than your current set up.

What type of case do you need?

If you play in a band that plays a lot of gigs or you transport your pedals around often, then a hard case would be a better option for you as your pedals will be more likely to become damaged during transit.

On the other hand if you are not playing gigs every week or transporting your pedals around alot then a soft case/ gig bag is a good option


If you have a limited budget take the time to search and compare cases on different sites instead of just buying the first one you see. Soft cases can be bought for a reasonable price and they do a great job. If you are worried that a soft case wont provide enough protection then you can always buy extra padding to go inside it.


Do you have limited space when it comes to transporting your gear? maybe you only have a small car and you have to carry drums amps and other equipment too?maybe you have to transport your gear on public transport or have limited storage space?If any of these are the case then you would be best to go for a soft case which  is small, compact and easy to transport around

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