11 BEST PICKS FOR BASS GUITARS Reviews-Buyer Guide 2019

The Guitar picks most essential tool that provides you great help in guitar playing with various string attacks. You can also for batter guitar sound and excellent performance, you need quality guitar picks. Your tone and playing strength totally base your Guitar picks quality. The picks increase strings playing ability and easily manage brass guitar strings that have larger in quantity. In Brass guitar strings you unable playing slap-style without picks. 

Usually the guitar picks made with Polyamide-Imide, Graphite that fill for innate smoothness and flow. Similarly, a lot of picks models also made with metal, wood, plastic, celluloid, delrin, delrex, nylon and stone. In shapes comes in 3 edges standard, a sharper provides for “pop” to string attacks, and a rounded edge for deeper tone. 


A lot of guitar picks models available on the market but many are not good in quality or not working well on string managing. You can’t increase playing tempo and handle tune intonation with these types of models. So here we provide you some best models of brass picks for brass guitars that selected after physical testing and some musical experts’ opinions. 

Pick Geek Guitar Picks

See the Quality first so this Brass Guitar Picks made with high quality celluloid thermoplastics that help clear voice with acoustic and Bass as well. It’s also works on all types of Manual guitar with same outcomes.

The deal pack comes in amazing verity in this included 16 quality celluloid picks with 4 different thicknesses - Extra Heavy (1.5mm), Heavy (0.96mm), Medium (0.71mm) & Thin (0.46mm), and 8 beautiful color designs. 

All size in easily to portable and adjustable pocket feature. Unique design with luxury metal 'Click-Clack' box for better protection as well as easy pull in or out.

Product Key points:

  • Comes in 16 Different color or sizes.
  • Make with quality celluloid thermoplastics so no easily dissolved.
  • Ideal for Voice and clarity of your acoustic.
  • Geek Original guitar plectrum set.
  • Comes in Box so keeping your picks safely stored.

Fender 351 Shape Premium Picks

That is Premium quality Picks for all brass made guitar with easy apply and comfortable apply source. The picks also allow you smooth conspicuous surface and a deep or round musical tone. These Picks Provides the Traditional 351 shape and best for voice clarity or intimation adjustment.
All Brass Adjuster Picks have smooth striking surface and a warm, round musical tone. Fender 351 Shape Premium Picks are heavy gauge and inflexible/durable providing a smooth, deep tone with outstanding attics.

Comes in 12 Packs for further betterment of consumer and all picks have own features and style of tones warm up on Electric Brass Guitar.
Key points:

  • Comfort and high-performance flexibility.
  • Most convenient 12-pack delivery.
  • Celluloid picks give the traditional feel.
  • Rigid and durable providing a smooth, warm Tune.
  • Less Consuming making material. 

Dunlop Big Stubby Picks

This guitar picks comes in 3.0mm size with Sharpe sticky corners and made with less slappy material. Its best for super-fast licks and provides you more clear sound. The picks making and Lexan provides great strength or durability to your Tools. Gripped handy pick and help you to perform fast or long run without any tired condition.

With this Pick pack you can maintain or performed all brass made guitar and remain get vital output. This company provides same quality pick in different Size included 1.00mm, 2.00mm and 3.0mm so choose per your needs.
In this package you get 6 piece of picks that comes in hygienic packing or protected. It provides great Smooth release with a positive attack.
Product Key Points:

  • Contains 6 packs or Grippy picks.
  • Smooth or positive hit on guitar licks.
  • Best Sharpe output with ideal edges.
  • Great strength and durability.
  • Provides super-fast licks.

Pick Geek TRIO

That is most versatile Guitar picks and provides great out put on Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar. It comes in 3 types of Boxes for better size identify so boxes contains X Heavy, Heavy, Medium and Light. The metal made pocket size box provides you picks more protection and safe stacking. All picks come in various coloring or designing.
Company provides you all picks in different thickness level for better guitar-maintained output. Each box Contains Jazz set in which 5 different shapes + 2 steel picks + packaged in a beautiful FREE Kraft cylinder box.
The picks made with premium quality material combination like Celluloid & Delrin (Tortex). Recommended for any guitar or bass player, ensuring complete satisfaction as a perfect pick.
Key points:

  • Pick Geek TRIO guitar pick set different thickness level.
  • Made with Celluloid & Delrin and upper design color.
  • Less slappy and provides you proper sharp output.
  • In each box 5 different shapes + 2 steel picks.
  • Backed with a free-replacement, in any issue.

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