9 Best pocket trumpets Reviews-Buyer Guide 2019

The pocket trumpet comes in smallest size also knows as mini trumpet. Some people take these trumpets as toys but in reality, it comes with all top line feature and sound producing ability. Smart in size and so easy to carry and have more gripping in handling. Usually beginners like Pocket trumpet due to simplicity and convivence in playing.

If you see the shape of Pocket trumpet then you will realize that all component same like other professional trumpet rather than lead pipes. In this trumpet lead pipes are less lengthy to make it more mini or smart in size. Other hand the main bell comes in standard diameter, Soft piston system with three pressing valves, Tube sliding and mouthpiece main part of pocket trumpet. 

The pocket Trumpet produce loud/rich sound, level intonation and projection. Usually main body made with brass and nickel coat maintaining gold extras finish. Comes with 3C standard mouth piece for proper air resistant.

In short, if you want and required a small size trumpet for better practice so here, we selected some model that professional in functionality and ability to satisfy end users. Moreover, pocket trumpets are outstanding tool for fun, exercise, and proficient career, especially for a regular professional player.

Mendini MPT-N Nickel Plated Bb Pocket Trumpet

Mendini MPT-N Pocket Trumpet

​This pocket trumpet comes in different multiple color collection so you can choose as per choice. The Mendini MPT-N is nickel plated Bb Pocket Trumpet that comes with 7C mouth piece. The total main body made with Phosphorus copper specially used on Lead mouth pipe. In this company provides 0.46 inch bore and 3.75-inch bell DIA for better sound production. Easy to handle and beginner user friendly even in long run performance.
In this model company provides comfortable white faux mother of pearl inlaid buttons for easy pressing valves while playing. This model comes with Oil bottle for piston valve, Protection or travelling case, Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner, Polish cloth and pair of gloves.
Product Key points:

  • Smart and Unique size.
  • Comes in many attractive colors.
  • Smooth and soft playing with 7C mouth piece.
  • 0.46 Inch ideal bore and 3.75 Inch Bell DIA.
  • Easy tune up due to Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner

Carol Brass Pocket Trumpet

If you want loud and unique sound with smart size trumpet then ideal model for you. It comes in Coral brass high quality construction that fall in CPT series. This Pocket trumpet comes in compact size and .460 bore as well as Key of Bb. The Bell diameter comes in large size around 4.724 inch that coated with brushed gold. It contains three inlaid valve pressing button that made with stainless steel and close tolerance while playing.

Carol Brass Pocket Trumpet CPT-3000-GLS-SLB

This model also easy to handle with customized first and third Thumb ring hook for proper adjustment. In this model company provides 2 water keys and weighted bottom caps. This model has easy projection and intonation control with upper soft pressing button.
Product Key points:

  • High quality brass made Pocket Trumpet.
  • Large Bell DIA so you get Loud and rich sound.
  • Easy to play with smooth projection and intonation.
  • Ideal Bore for frequent Air resistance blow.
  • Upper Gold color coating to make more attractive.

Eastar ETR-330N Standard Pocket Trumpet

That is best value pocket trumpet if compare the quality and feature accuracy. The key of Bb and provides amazing intonation or projection due to comes in ideal size 11.6mm/0.457inch bore and 101mm/3.98inch bell. The valve button comes in white faux mother of pearl inlaid pattern. The outer body made with Beautiful/uniform silver lacquer, dazzling and shiny with durable quality. That is attractive and transparent color with superb reflection.

 Standard Pocket Trumpet Bb Nickel Plated

For better performance with long time result All internal pipes must clean by ultrasonic waves for 3 times. More over must oiled for maintenance, smoothness and easy projection while performance. Comes with all important accessory included White Gloves, Cloth, Valve Oil, Trumpet Cleaning Suit, 7 C Mouthpiece and Hard Case.
Key Points:

  • Made with high quality brass with lacquer coating.
  • Modern valve with faux mother of pearl inlaid button.
  • Proper output and sound with soft projection.
  • Looking shinny attractive and transparent reflection.
  • 11.6mm/0.457inch bore and 101mm/3.98inch bell.

Nasir Ali PoTr-05, Pocket Trumpet

This pocket trumpet made with high quality brass and one-piece-based lead pipe construct Phosphorus copper. That Is key of Bb and great performance tool as well as durable with easy handy grip. Very easy to projection and intonation with deep natural sound producer. Soft Smooth action valves, comfortable white faux mother of pearl inlaid buttons style. Company provides 14-month warranty in case of any manufacturing default.

Pocket Trumpet, Bb, Brass

The main unit comes with all important accessory that made it more maintained all time. So, in this pack company provides carrying case, bottle of valve oil, soft polishing cloth and a pair of white gloves.
Product Key Points:

  • Body amazing brass and copper combination.
  • Three soft and smooth inlaid styled buttons.
  • Easy to handle with thumb ring adjuster.
  • Key of Bb and accurate in projection.
  • Comes all basic parts included mouth piece and case.

Allora MXPT-5801-BK Black Nickel Series Pocket Trumpet

Pocket Trumpet Black Nickel

That is most premium quality Pocket trumpet made yellow brass lead pipe with Black Nickel reflected shinny coating body. The Key of Bb and great handy tools with all customized adjustment features. The unit comes in great color choice and Width bell Diameter so product loud sound. Ideal sound production and balanced smooth air resistant due to 459-inch bore and 3.66-inch bell. Lead pipe standard in size and inner piping or strong joints.
It comes in Carry case and all-important parts included standard mouth piece, Oil bottle and pair of gloves.
Key points:

  • Key of Bb with strong sound producer.
  • Comes in .459-inch bore size.
  • Standard lead pipe made with yellow brass.
  • Big diameter of bell 3.66-inch rounded.
  • Comes in black nickel coating make more attractive. 

Stagg WS - TR245 Bb Pocket Trumpet with Case

Stagg WS - TR245 Bb Pocket Trumpet with Case

That is most Durable and versatile category pocket trumpet model. It made with High quality brass and Clear Lacquered Body. Comes with stainless steel piston with three soft pressing buttons for batter intonation and stable projection. It’s the key of Bb and easy to handle due to smart little in size. You can avail this model very reasonable price or get all professional trumpet feature.

On upper gold color coating made this unit more attractive and shinier. It comes with durable carry bag for batter protection while travelling.

Product Key Features:

  • Made with durable Brass quality and Lacquered body.
  • Comes three buttons with stainless steel piston.
  • Standard bore size and proper deep bell DIA.
  • Easy to handle and tired less long performance.
  • Comes with Carry bag.
Stagg WS - TR245 Bb Pocket Trumpet with Case

Crystalcello WD480 B Flat Lacquer Plated Pocket Trumpet

This model made with doubled sheet brass and upper top Lacquer plated to make it more durable. That is B Flat key and easy to play with less weight musical tool so batter in handling while play. Proper joint sealed and standard bore size as well as Bell DIA so produce deep sound with original trumpet sign. Three piston valve buttons that easy to pressing for batter sound intonation and projection.

The unit comes with Hard-shell velvet lined carrying case for batter protection or security while travelling. Company also provided Nickel plated mouthpiece, pair of gloves, valve oil and soft cleaning cloth.

Key Features:

  • High quality Lacquer plated pocket trumpet.
  • Key of B flat notes.
  • Comes in hard-shell velvet lined carrying case.
  • Standard 7C mouth piece that Nickel plated.
  • Trumpet comes with pair of gloves, valve oil, cleaning cloth.  

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