11 Best Professional Trumpet Reviews of 2019

The professional trumpet has highest level in trumpet family, it contains high quality material, durability and all professional features.

These trumpets generate high pitched level rich sound and all professional functions.

Best Professional Trumpet

Commonly these trumpets made with stainless steel body/piston, Standard one-piece bell and light in weight.

Professional trumpets are specially made to meet the requirement of experts, high skilled and professional players. You will find all function installed in it, that required in all sound applications or rhythmic tunes.

Here we provide great help to choose best Professional trumpet as per your budget and requirement level.

Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno Series Bb

Yamaha YTR-8335 Xeno Series Bb Trumpet Lacquer Yellow Brass Bell

Yamaha is most famous brand name in trumpet production field. YRT-8335RS Xeno Series is simple and easy to play compare other advanced professional models.
This model contains all advanced and durable parts that produce easy balance sound projection. Tuning slides reduce resistance and made perfect intonation. Quality lead pipe free air blow for smooth playing.
Moreover, in this professional trumpet company installed Reverse tuning slide system, Monel piston, Hand-lapped, Hammered one-piece annealed bell and one-piece lead pipe.

Key points:

  • Best for verity of style like classical to jazz bands.
  • Increase consistency and resonance level due to hammered bell.
  • Monel piston so less chance of rust.
  • Main tubing made with double slide braces.
  • Easy air flow due to one-piece lead pipe.

Bach LR180S-43 Stradivarius Professional Bb Trumpet

Buy Bach Stradivarius Professional Bb Trumpet

This trumpet one of the best models in professional category, comes with 25LR reverse mouthpiece, monel piston valve for batter sound projection and smooth play. Its also know as Key of Bb tunes. Gold Silver color body color combination that made with Yellow brass.
Standard 43 bell size and medium size of bore play vital role to produce rich high-pitched sound. Light in weight and strong gripping handle make more troubles while playing.
If you want high level classical shape professional trumpet then Back LR180S-43 Stradivarius best choice. Comes in more protected inner velvet made case that provides more continence during transport.

Product Key points:
  • Best classical Bb Flat Professional Trumpet.
  • Strong handling with dual thumb ring adjuster.
  • Monel Piston Valve for smooth pressing.
  • Less resistance around tubing slide.
  • Little air blow generates warm sound.

Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet

Buy Getzen Eterna Bb Trumpet

The Getzen company famous to produce top line brass instrument same like 900S Eterna Bb Professional Trumpet. Its Produce Classic and versatile sound intonation with high projection level. Total Silver nickeled plated outer finish as well as high quality brass made.
It comes with inside tuning slide for balancing projection and 0.460” bore size generate high smooth pitched tone. This professional model also Key of Bb and string handy grip while playing.
Standard size mouth piece comes in silver shinned plated finish. Main unit comes with hard protected case that make this trumpet portable.

Product Key points:
  • Made with Yellow durable Brass.
  • Double Ring thumb Adjuster.
  • Standard size Mouth Piece with Nickel silver finish.
  • Less resistance 0.460 Inch Bore size.
  • Smooth air blow due to proper tubing.

Jupiter Professional XO Series

Jupiter Professional XO Series Bb Trumpet

One of the Handiest Professional Trumpet belong Reputed Band name Jupiter. In this company installed Reverse Lead pipe Construction. Light in weight easy handle and very smooth in playing as well as on time sound projection and intonation. Modern in shape and outer silver finish make it more attractive.
In this model you get Hand Crafted 4.8-inch R4 Rose Brass Bell that produced rich and frequent sound. This professional trumpet had .459-inch medium large bore for smooth air blow or less air resistance.
Best choice for ideal performance its originally key of Bb and comes with Trumpet case as well as Standard size mouth piece.

Product Key points:

  • Lead pipe and Hand-crafted bell made with rose brass.
  • Comes in most ideal bore size 0.459 inch
  • Upper valve smooth in pressing.
  • Loud and deep sound producer.
  • Key of Bb and Reverse Lead pipe styling.

Yamaha YTR-2330 Standard Bb Trumpet

Yamaha Bb Trumpet

Well Reputed Brand Yamaha provides in this model Golden outer finish that make more attractive and shinier. Very easy in use due to soft piston valve and upper caps. Produced Great Sound with original Classical waves as well as proper projection or intonation. Mouth piece silver plated and upper valve piston cap as well.

The Yellow brass bell with proper diameter make it more reliable and Product rich sound. Easy handy grip with adjustable thumb ring for proper handling in case of long run performance. Durable slide keys and water keys for intonation while playing.

Comes with Standard size Mouth Piece that coated with silver nickel.
Product Key point:

  • Reliable and easy to play.
  • Yellow brass made bell.
  • Rich and deep sound.
  • Valve button comes with pressing caps.
  • Best for outstanding professional performance.

King 2055 Silver Flair Series Bb Trumpet

King 2055 Silver Flair Series Bb Trumpet

This Trumpet contains all those option that provides you more easiness while playing, like 1st valve Thumb Trigger, Adjustable finger ring and soft pressing piston valve button. Comes with Standard size lead pipe with Rose Brass material construction. Produce Loud and deep sound with original trumpet volume nature.
In this company built .462 Inch bore size and 4.9-inch Bell seamless shaping. Modern look makes it more attractive and smarter trumpet in Flair Series line. Easy to handle as well as quick sound projection and intonation.
Its also key of Bb and Durable Professional level trumpet Model.
Product Key Points:

  • Key of Bb,
  • Comes in 0.462 Inch bore.
  • Standard lead Pipe and 4.9 Inch bell size.
  • Rose Brass make Body.
  • Flair Series with 1st Valve Thumb Trigger.
  • Rich and Ideal sound Producer.

Blessing BTRML1 Artist Series Professional Trumpet

This professional trumpet model contains Lacquered Brass with multi-color tone. Comes with Three valve piston soft button pressing for easy intonation and projection as well. This model fall BTRML 1 series of blessing brand that Buff Dillard, Robert Dorer, and Dominick Farinacci choice. Very easy to handle and designed for long run performance so company provides 1st and 3rd thumb ring adjuster.
More over this trumpet had 0.462 Inch bore size and standard bell diameter for batter sound production. Upper gold and rose gold finishing make it attractive. Its produce deeper and original traditional sound for batter contribution in main band.

Key points:

Blessing BTRML1 Artist Series Professional Trumpet, Lacquered Brass
  • More reliable and durable brass material used.
  • Smart in size and easy to handle.
  • More professional intonation and projection.
  • One-piece lead piece and soft piston button.
  • Come with durable trumpet case.
Blessing BTRML1 Artist Series Professional Trumpet

Adams A9 Selected Series Professional Bb Trumpet Copper Lacquer

Adams A9 Selected Series Professional Bb Trumpet Copper Lacquer

That is most premium professional trumpet model make with high quality yellow brass with Copper Lacquered Gauge finishing. The classic design concept of the Martin trumpets introduced in mid-20th century and most famous model due to their perfect intonation or projection level. Its produced best sound pitch and loud in waves.
Best choice for all professional level trumpet player for batter performance as well as long run presentation. This trumpet model had 127 mm Bore and 12 mm length with standard bell diameter. Easy to use and soft Valve piston button pressing as well.
Key points:

  • Made with yellow brass and Copper coating.
  • 127 mm bore and 12 mm length.
  • Soft piston in pressing and balanced projection.
  • Multi tone finishing and shiny outer brass.
  • Most highly regarded trumpets of all time.
A9 Selected Series Professional Bb Trumpet

Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet

Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet - Silver Plated

That another most reliable, pro efficient Professional level trumpet model made with high quality brass as well as silver plated upper coating. Very simple in play and best for professional long line performance. It creates most deep and traditional trumpet sound with easy handling or strong handy grip. In this user get proper bell diameter as well as standard bore size.
This model provides you stable deep intonation and solid projection due to high quality sealed joints. In this silver plated mouth piece and three valve soft pressed buttons. The proper water keys and thumb ring adjuster make this trumpet more user friendly.
Product Key points:

  • Made with high quality brass and silver-plated coating.
  • Comes with standard size 7C mouth piece.
  • Upper three soft piston valve buttons.
  • Batter handy grip with long performance friendly.
  • Loud sound producer with stable intonation.
Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet  Amazon

Kaizer TRP-3000LQRC 3000 C Series Standard B Flat Bb Trumpet

This professional trumpet key of B Flat notes and most ideological in playing. Comes with multiple coloring tune like silver and gold. Proper sealed water keys soft in pressing and make best composition producer. In this model you can also get deep sound with rich volume waves. Company provides you 0.464 large bore; 5” bell diameter. More over Heavy valve button, heavy top and bottom caps.
Reliable and soft handling for long time performance due to 1st valve slide thumb hook and adjustable 3rd valve slide ring. More attractive trumpet in this yellow brass body; rose brass lead-pipe and cupronickel tuning slides.
Product Key points:

Kaizer TRP-3000LQRC 3000 C Series Standard B Flat Bb Trumpet - Gold
  • Made with yellow brass and silver contrast.
  • Comes with Silver color 7C mouthpiece.
  • 0.464 large bore; 5” bell diameter.
  • All accessory in pack like polishing cloth, oil, case and gloves.
  • 45 days free trail, if you don't like it, send it back.
Kaizer Standard B Flat Bb Trumpet  Amazon

Hawk WD-T313 Bb Trumpet

 Hawk WD-T313 Bb Trumpet

This trumpet comes in most efficient pricing range and have all professional trumpet functionality. Its also Key of B Flat and produce amazing sound quality. In this user get amazing intonation with stable projection due to 11.66mm Bore size and bell diameter 123mm. Total brass body made and upper silver-plated coating. Famous model due to solid sealed construction and play comfortable.

It comes with durable case and mouthpiece as well as amazing handy grip. The trumpet comes with proper slide thumb and adjustable ring for more friendly handling. Most sealed water key and soft piston valve button make it more reliable in playing.

Product Key points:

  • Bore size 11.66mm, bell diameter 123mm.
  • Comes with standard mouthpiece and case.
  • Total silver-plated trumpet body.
  • More stable and solid projection.
  • Key of Bb Flat and great sound.
 Hawk WD-T313 Bb Trumpet

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