9 Best Tuba Reviews-Buyer Guide 2019

Tuba is part of musical instrument to generate deep sound while band performing. Its same like Trumpet but two times bigger and technical in play. With Strong handy grip, Soft mouth piece air blow Heavy tubing, thumb rings, water keys and front side piston valve work together.

Usually Tuba made with Brass and play very Important role in classical/ traditional music bands. You need high skill to operate this instrument. Most important musical instrument to involve your band bright, rich and higher sound.

Best Tuba Reviews

Normally Tuba comes in two major types named Bass tuba and Contra Bass tuba. You must know about difference between in both types before buying this instrument. If you want take notes Eb and F then Brass tubas best for you, other hand if you need higher key compared then contra Bass full fill your needs.

As you know for Tuba buying required a big amount, so you don’t take a wrong decision while buying. So, we provide you more knowledge to buy best one.

After physical testing of tubas experts and collect the user feedback we select the top tuba models. Then we able to narrow down our number one tubas choice with comprehensive functionality of each model. 

Jupiter 378 Series

This Tuba model belong well-known brand name called Jupiter. Very easy to play with detachable lead pipe so very easy to hold and easy to play. Its body made with high quality brass and outer base gold finish that make it more attractive and durable. The 378 Jupiter series contains 3-valve action nickel silver pistons that fast in play with strong grip due to ideal placement.
This 3/4 size tuba produce original tuba sound with classical touch as well as proper intonation or projection. If you see easy play with strong holder tuba for practice and performance session then best model you with reasonable price and BBb notes keys. 

Product Key Point

Jupiter 378 Series 3-Valve 3/4 BBb
  • Very easy to play and frequent sound producer
  • Strong hand hold with all required adjustments
  • Durable Lacquered brass made
  • Soft pressing nickel silver plated piston
  • 3-Valve base with ¾ BBb

Glory Brass GTU3 3 key B Flat Tuba

That is one of another best models of tuba in reasonable price range. Fully Bras body and upper gold finish to increase durability and attraction. The Glory company provides 3 Key valve that contains stainless steel pistons. This model produces rich sound and balance projection due to 16.8 mm bore size and, 370mm Bell Diameter. 

Glory Brass GTU3 3 key B Flat Tuba

In this model you get B flat key with proper sound projection and quick balance waves. East to use and handle with many customizing adjustments as well. The main unit comes with silver nickel mouthpiece, pair of gloves and case. 

Product Key Point

  • Total Brass made body with gold Finishing.
  • Comes in three valve keys that easy in use.
  • Reasonable price with all professional features.
  • Deep and rich sound producer with standard Diameter bell.
  • Stainless steel piston with Silver plated mouthpiece.

Cool Wind CTU-200 Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba

This tuba model made with plastic brass material and orange coating body. Its durable and modern featured Tuba in this you perform all professional musical activity or training as well. The cool wind also famous due to modern design and amazing manufacturing engineering. In this you get 0.826" (21 mm) Bb bore for batter sound generation with traditional pitch.
That is amazing in intonation and proper projection easy handling and operating softly due to ABS Valves with 4 Inlaid buttons. The main unit comes with modern carry Gig bag case for easy carry while transporting.
Key point:

Cool Wind CTU-200 Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba
  • Comes in orange attractive color.
  • Bell material with ABS valve.
  • Cool wind provides metal made inner valve.
  • Come in pre arrange 4 Valve with easy press buttons.
  • Gig Bag for proper tuba protection.
Cool Wind CTU-200 Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba

Miraphone 1291 Series 4/4 BBb Tuba

One of the most professional Tuba with all ultimate features or functionality as well. In this model you can get all accuracy outputs with easy balanced or adjusted intonation. It belongs with world well known company Miraphone with 1291 Series. Comes with 4 Valve with High class brass and Lacquer coating. This tuba had standard bore size like 0.835 inch and upright bell DIA with 18.5 inch Rounded.

The Key of BBb with contains 5/4 keys. Comes in two coloring combination fully attractive premium quality Tuba. Company provides you carry case along with main unit for better protection or carrying.
Product Key Points:

Miraphone 1291 Series 4/4 BBb Tuba 1291-4V 4 Valve Lacquer
  • Comes in high quality brass material and Lacquer coating.
  • Soft 4 Valve piston with proper inlaid buttons.
  • Best as professional or key of BBb
  • All construction included bore, bell DIA make it traditional sound tool.
  • Comes with Carrying Bag and all-important accessory.
Miraphone 1291 Series 4/4 BBb Tuba

Dillon 995 BBb Tuba

One of the Best tuba model for training as well as long run professional performance. You can handle this modern based tube easily and play very well with force less air blow sound generation. In this model you get ideal intonation adjustment level with stable sound quality. Its key of BBb notes and solid projection system. Made with high quality brass and upper gold color coating or shinny attraction. 

Dillon 995 BBb Tuba

Comes with Three valve piston key for stable projection while play. Its produce most traditional tuba sound and Soft pressing all water keys. Comes with carry bag and standard size mouth piece.
Key Points:

  • Best in stable intonation and projection.
  • Soft in sound producing or air blow.
  • Made with heavy brass and gold coating.
  • Soft piston valve for easy intonation.
  • Comes with Carry bag and Mouth piece.
Dillon 995 BBb Tuba

Stagg WS - BT235 Bb Tuba

Stagg WS Bb Tuba with Case

This Tuba model made with brass and silver coating shinny finish. It comes in Three Nickel silver Pistons that is durable and soft in pressing for batter intonation and projection. This model comes with high quality protection carry bag for secure while travelling. It also key BBb notes and produce amazing sound stability as well as solid waves. Upper case of main body maintains with Lacquered.
Its main piece comes with carry case and standard size mouth piece. That is best model for long run professional performance in traditional tuba sound. Provides accurate outputs due to all quality keys and piping jointing,
Key Features:

  • Made with Lacquered Body with shinny finish.
  • Best software pressing Silver Nickel Valve button.
  • Provides solid projection and stable intonation.
  • Comes in Carry case with Protection accuracy.
  • Deep and loud sound producer with standard Bell DIA.
Stagg WS Bb Tuba with Case

Jupiter 4 Valve 7/8 Size BBb Tuba

This tuba model comes with 4 valves with standard in size and produce more rich sound. With this compact BBb tuba purely maintain projection and intonation as well. In this Tuba Lacquered Brass Body is produced using state of the art technology to ensure an instrument of the most accurate scale and playability. Company makes stainless steel piston that smooth in pressing while play or durable in quality.

Easy to air blow sound producing and fast action for improved agility and playability. Its product more rich and deep sound. Comes in Wood-Frame Case with Wheels boasts a classic look that offers excellent instrument protection whether home or on the road.

Product Key points:

Jupiter 4 Valve 7/8 Size BBb Tuba Compact Model
  • Lacquered brass body and gold color coating.
  • Soft in press valves due to stainless steel making.
  • Comes with standard mouthpiece.
  • Along Wood-Frame Case with Wheels boasts Look.
  • Best for long run performance as professional musician.
Jupiter 4 Valve 7/8 Size BBb Tuba Compact Model

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  • March 2, 2019 at 4:49 am

    Is Glory Brass GTU3 a 4/4 or a 3/4 size?

    • March 15, 2019 at 8:40 am

      it is a 3/4.

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    which one is most Easier to play and hold

    • March 15, 2019 at 8:39 am

      As per my point of views, Jupiter 378 is easy to play and hold

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